RuneScape Drawing – Giant Mole Hunt

This is a drawing from February 4, 2009. Hand drawn, scanned, and coloured with Photoshop.

The Giant Mole was released in 2006 but I was a newbie at the time and didn’t get to fight it until 2009. I used to go Giant Mole hunting under Falador with my friend who had maxed range. Range has always been my weakest combat skill so I always looked nooby compared to him. The Giant More hunt was a great source of income since the parts it dropped could be traded a NPC for bird nests . I have gotten many good tree seeds from the bird nests, and the crushed nests were sold on the Grand Exchange.



3 thoughts on “RuneScape Drawing – Giant Mole Hunt

  1. Oh boy, this is one boss I never went to fight before. I really need to go out and try out this guy now.

      1. It’s an average of around 50k per kill, but each kill could take anywhere between three and ten minutes because it likes to move around.

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