Inspiration is a tricky topic because it isn’t a physical object or something you can describe with mathematical formulas and diagrams. Inspiration comes to you in the form of a thought. It is different that regular thoughts because it makes you want to do something about it. This applies to anyone who creates content (writers, artists, designers, choreographers, etc). Inspiration is a feeling of enlightenment – a Eureka moment. This moment will disappear as quickly as it comes so it’s important for you to always carry around a notepad to jot it down. This guide is my personal take on the topic.


Inspiration isn’t something that just comes when you want it to. There is no way to predict when you will get inspired, but there are ways to increase the opportunities for inspiration. Below are the ways I get inspired:

1. Listen / watch / read a variety of topics. There are many bright and talented individuals out there already making a difference. To be more like them, you need to learn about them.

2. Be open-minded. Your way of thinking is shaped by the environment in which you grew up in. This can actually limit your train of thought, so be more open-minded and be willing to learn. This can be done by exposing yourself to different people and environments.

3. Keep a journal with you at all times to record your train of thought. Look back at it to refresh your own memory and you might actually inspire yourself.

4. Don’t let your emotions control you – learn to control your emotions. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and all hope seems lost. Maybe you should stop worrying for a moment and pick up a pencil and some paper. Maybe let our your anger in the form of a drawing? Or create an angry song on the piano? Like Kid President said in his Pep Talk Video, “You can cry about it, or you can dance about it.”


Inspiration is actually the final step before creation. The way I see it, inspiration is the initial spark to start a fire. Like all ideas, it’s is useless if it doesn’t get put into action. So I have come up with instructions for making a fire of CREATION.

1. To fuel this fire, you need some logs made of IMAGINATION. Even though this is the main ingredient, there are so many variations of logs you can get.

2. To make the fire different from other fires, you should probably get some CREATIVITY chemicals. Here is the wikipedia page on what chemicals should be used to create coloured flames. Maybe you are wondering what happens if you mix the chemicals. Test is out, you are trying to be unique after all.

3. What is the purpose of this fire? Maybe it’s to cook some INNOVATION marshmallows? It’s just one of many possibilities associated with this fire.

4. Now that you have the ingredients to make the fire, you just add that INSPIRATIONAL spark and the rest will come so easily. It doesn’t work if you have a spark with nothing to build upon it.


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