Baby Geese Hatched on Office Balcony

6 goslings (baby geese) hatched on our downtown office building sometime over the last weekend and has been waddling around the balcony with their parents. They are very small and adorable, not like their parents at all. Taking photos of them were rather difficult since the parents would start hissing at me when they see me. I had to open the balcony sliding door slowly so that there’s a crack big enough for my camera lens, otherwise the parents start hissing and all the baby geese run away.

IMG_0052 IMG_000502 IMG_0055 IMG_00752

We have contacted Wildlife Rescue, but they told us to to leave them be. Apparently they can jump down 10 stories and we are only on 6.  When they are ready, the parents will force them to jump down.  Unfortunately, our railings are too high and there is no way for the baby geese to jump off the balcony.

When we first discovered them, we left them some food. Wildlife Rescue later told us not to feed or interact with the geese, but we have yet to see the parents bring them any food.

IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0056

There is no grass or water on our balcony and everyone is concerned for the baby geese’s health.  We have left them bowls of water outside now. The baby geese were very delighted when they discovered the water.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_00712

I hope they will be fine over the upcoming long weekend!


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