Handbuk 2012-13

When I was elected VP Communications of the UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society for the 2012-2013 school year, one of my first projects to manage was the student agenda.  I have made many changes in its design compared to the previous year, when I just the content editor. This time, I have made the book larger from 5×7′ to 7×9′. This allowed me to change the template of the agenda pages so that I could fit an entire week on a single place. The final result was a bigger, but thinner, agenda.

I had the pleasure of working with School Specialty again. I have nothing but good things to say about them and their service. They were very helpful with technical issues and their online uploader was easy to use. Their delivery was on time and the price was very reasonable.

For the ads, I signed a contract with CU Advertising. Our society offers the agenda for free to ~4000 students per year. In order to cover the cost, we have to get ads. CU Advertising was not only able to get enough ads to cover the cost, they were also able to get all engineering ads. The ads appeal to engineering students, especially the ones looking for co-op placements.

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