Flowers in June

Summer is on its way and new flowers are blooming in my backyard. This is all thanks to my mom, who spends hours each week maintaining her garden. We have numerous fruit trees and plenty of vegetables so we don’t need to buy them from the grocery store all summer. We also grow our own lettuce to feed the guinea pig.

I have always loved white flowers. I cut these flower and put them in a vase at home because they smell, almost like jasmine. White flowers symbolize death in Chinese tradition, so it is bad luck to bring white flowers into the house. Luckily, my family doesn’t believe in that non sense so we have sweet-smelling white flowers in the house. They are simple and give the room a “elegant” feeling.


This beauty popper up in our garden this year, right next to the Lily of the Valley patch I photographed in May. We aren’t sure where the plant came from, but it is beautiful so we kept it. Its orange flower really stood out in the sea of green leaves.



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