Amazing Chase & More (Employee Appreciation)

June 14th was employee appreciation day at my office. The employees had the option to choose between playing golf or doing the Amazing Chase. Being a leftie at golf, I was never really good at it, so I chose to do the Amazing Chase. The Amazing Chase is pretty much the same as the Amazing Race, just run by a different company. The whole race turned out to be a 11km-route through downtown, going to all of these locations: Olympic cauldron, English Bay inukshuk, Yaletown Roundhouse, Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden in Chinatown, Rick Hansen statue at Rogers Arena, Gassy Jack’s statue in Gastown, and the Vancouver Public Library.

Oh yeah, I also got a new phone – Nexus 4. It was time for my Blackberry Curve to retire after serving me for 3 years. I got a decent picture of me in corporate attire and team prop. The camera on the phone isn’t too great with capturing moving objects, so our team photo came out a bit blurry.

IMG_20130614_100648  IMG_20130614_102537

One of the tasks during the race was to form a human inukshuk by the inukshuk located at English Bay. I was the smallest so I ended up being at the top.


After the race, we all headed to our CEO’s place for dinner. Little did we know that it would be a feast. There were bartenders, grillers, and cooks prepping food for us. The beet and goat cheese salad the made was so good I had seconds and thirds.


There were inflatable toys and bouncy castles for the children. They even hired a face painter and balloon artist from PNE for the event! Being the kid I am, I decided to get a balloon toy and get my face painted. The balloon artist was a pretty woman with fairy wings and a beautiful dress. I asked her to make me a scythe and she did an amazing job. The face painter was also very good and painted this in less than 5 mins:

IMG_20130614_191945  IMG_20130614_185846


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