Warframe Drawing: Synapse and Embolist

I finally purchased some sketchbooks with thick paper (98lb / 160g) for illustrations. Graphite pencils don’t smudge as much on this paper, so I no longer need to fine line all my sketches.

Since I have been playing Warframe like an addict for the past 6 months, I decided to draw some Warframe weapons for a try. I have never drawn weapons before so here is my first attempt:

Synapse and Embolist
Synapse and Embolist


The Synapse and Embolist are 2 out of 3 of the latest bio-chemical clan tech weapons. The Synapse is the primary and the Embolist is the secondary. I chose to not draw the Dual Ichors because I don’t like them.

The Synapse is similar to the Flux Rifle (continuous and electric laser) but it is more of a crit-build weapon.  I like everything about it except its limited range.

The Embolist is a spray-gun similar to the Ignis. Instead of dealing poisonous damage like its predecessor, Acrid, the Embolist actually does ice damage. I have very mixed-feelings about this gun so I have put it aside once I maxed it out.


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