Warframe Drawing: Strun Wraith

The Strun Wraith is currently my favourite shotgun to use in Warframe. The image for it is always a side view no matter what website I go to. Below is what the Strun Wraith always looks like:

Strun Wraith
Strun Wraith

I thought it would be super neat to try to do a perspective sketch of the Strun Wraith. It would be even more awesome if I did it freehand (no tools)!

By using the corners of my sketchbook as vanishing points, I started by breaking up the shotgun into multiple sections and creating boxes for each section. From there, I start drawing the cylindrical barrel:

The final product didn’t turn out the way I wanted. The barrel opening looks too oval because the box I started with was not square enough. The proportion is also out of whack for the back part of the gun. Maybe I angled the gun too much, but it is really hard to get the length right.

Strun Wraith Perspective Sketch
Strun Wraith Perspective Sketch

After tweeting about this on twitter (click to see the post), I was told to try an easier weapon such as the Lato. I will definitely do that gun next even though it is a weak and useless weapon. With 6 projects piling up, It will probably be a while until my next drawing. Stay tuned!


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