Personal Design Process Model – Inspiration

It’s hard to pin point my sources of inspiration. But because the final product for this project is going to be mounted for display, it had to be a visual representation of my design process.

This is a project on visually representing my thinking process. And I don’t know how I think yet. I looked at some other designers’ process models for inspiration, but all of them are quite linear. My instructor explained that a typical designer thinks in a non-linear fashion and it becomes messy and impenetrable, like a giant hairball. For this reason, he has a poster on his door of a hairball and it say: Orbit the Great Hairball.

To make this simpler for myself, I set some restrictions for myself. The idea has to be:

understandable and clear

Words. There should really have writing in this thing. It doesn’t need to be super descriptive.

look chaotic

It shouldn’t be super straight forward or linear. I don’t want something that goes from step 1 to step n. I am thinking of using loops / spirals / other weird shapes. Or a combination of them

something I can draw or photograph

I am a poor student so I am not going out of my way to really build some fancy object for this project. I will either have to draw this or photograph and existing object and enhance it afterwards.

FINALLY, I settled on the idea of using visual mathematics to represent my design process. I am not a big fan of math, because this is what it looks like in class:


Believe me, I’ve failed one of my calculus courses when I was at UBC. I am terrible at math because they look like jibberish symbols to me. I don’t understand what a bunch of them mean when they are put together.

As a visual learner, the type of math I actually like looks like this:


One of my favourite visual mathematicians is Vi Hart. She explains complicated and chaotic looking math concepts visually. As a visual learner, her videos have really made me appreciate math again. Below is just one of many of her videos:


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