Design Process Model – Concepts

Concept 1: Board game

A design process based on a board game such as Monopoly. I wanted to use this as a design model because it is a game that goes in a circle, similar to the thinking process. The Jail can be the restrictions and the confinements in the design process. The different coloured property can be the various stages in the process.

Unfortunately, my instructor said that the game was too linear. It makes more sense to use a game like Snakes and Ladders because there is more back and forth movement  on the board.

Concept 2: Borromean Rings


The Borromean Ring configuration is 3 rings that lay overlap each other without being linked. I can go on talking about its mathematical properties, but I would rather talk about its mathematical elegance.

I thought this would be an interesting way to separate the Inspiration, Concept Development, and Prototype stages of my process model.

Concept 3: Mobius Strip


The mobius strip is made from a strip of paper rotated 180 degrees at one end before being attached together. This forms a loop that has only has 1 side.  This would allow me to write on both sides of the paper and have them become connected in an infinite loop.

The problem with this idea is that I don’t want to put so many words on one giant loop.

Concept 4: Borromean Rings made with Mobius Strips

I decided that combining concepts 2 and 3 together will work. By replacing the rings with mobius strips, it gives me more writing space as well as the capability of having 3 rings. The next step is to try to prototype this idea.


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