Warframe Melee Weapon Concept Submission

Digital Extremes, the developer of the free-to-play game called Warframe is running a melee weapon concept contest.  They’re starting off this type of user-concept contest with melee because these weapons are generally made more quickly. They are eager to see how the process of community concept to integration will work. This is the first type of contest like this they’ve done, and they hope to continue doing them.

Below is my submission. You can also view my submission on the official Warframe forums.


Faction: Tenno
Name: Cinnabar
Grip Type: 2-handed / dual wield (shield + sword or sidearm)

Description: Ordinary looking umbrella with covert sword blade. The hook handle opens to reveal a double edge sword.

Umbrella Sword
Artwork 1: Weapon Concept
Artwork 2: Idle Animation
Artwork 2: Idle Animation

Details: The wrapped-up umbrella can be used as a 2h heavy (impact) weapon capable of damaging multiple enemies; the sharp umbrella tip also acts as a jabbing (puncture) weapon. When in the blocking stance, the umbrella opens up and becomes a shield; it is so strong it can withstand homing missiles from Bombards. The covert sword can be used while blocking, but is only able to (slash) damage one enemy at a time.

Artwork 3: Weapon Functions
Artwork 3: Weapon Functions

Special: The umbrella slows down falls, allowing the Tenno to use their secondary weapon mid-air.

Artwork 4: Special Feature
Artwork 4: Special Feature


The deadline for the contest is 23:59 EST tonight. I have my fingers crossed. If my design makes it to the top 10, this will becomes one of the pieces for me portfolio submission.


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