Golden Ratio – 20×15″ Acrylic Abstract

I had Colour Theory class in the 2nd semester of my FIND design program. Our first major assignment was so create an acrylic painting that is visually balanced. Through this assignment, I learned about the visual weight of colours ad how to balance them.

The colours we had to use were:

mid red, blue, yellow

bright green, orange, purple

value 8 blue, value 5 red, value 2 yellow

This painting was inspired by Picasso’s cubist art style. I started with the center spiral and took sections of it and put it in other areas. I drew one spiral and used a carbon paper to make each of the separate pieces the same size.

Golden Ratio Acrylic Abstract

The painting was then photographed and digitized so I can make duplicate prints. You can purchase a print here if you are interested!


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