KPU Craft Beer Concept

In collaboration with the new KPU Brewing & Brewery Operations program, my design class did craft beer and packaging concepts. The deliverables for the project were: 4 concept prototypes, a 4-pack carrier, a 3D object related to craft beer.


My concepts were inspired by medieval board games and Warframe. The matte black not only makes the bottle stand out among glossy bottles, it also brings out the contrast on the text and the design.

4-Pack Carrier

I went with a 2×2 carrier design because it is the most optimal to carry and keep the bottles cold longest. I selected one of the bottle concepts and created graphics for all 4 sides of the carrier, as well as the handles. The bottom of the carrier has information on the program, which can be seen when the user flattens the carrier prior to recycling.

 3D Object

I prototyped a bicycle carrier for craft beer because they are not commonly made for beer, but for wine instead. I believe it will be useful in Vancouver due to the high amount of environment-conscious people, which includes cyclists.

Bicycle Carrier
Bicycle Carrier



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