Marceline’s Axe Bass [Adventure Time] Prop Design

Marceline is the vampire queen from the Adventure Time cartoon series. She is often seen playing tunes on her axe bass. I dressed up as Marceline for Halloween 2014. Her outfit consists of simple articles of clothing (tank top, jeans, boots), but the axe bass needed to be made.

Material cost: $80

Time commitment: 15 hours (drying time for paint not included)

The body, neck, and head of the guitar were all made from insulation foam. It would have been better to do the neck and head out of wood, but I didn’t have access to the tools at the time; foam was soft enough for me to cut with a crafting knife.

For the primer, I applied 2 coats of Insl-X Stix because it bonds well to all surfaces. The first coat was to seal off the pores in the foam and in between the joints. The second coat creates a smooth texture.

The neck and head of the guitar is a purple-red colour, while the body is a more true red colour. I colour matched the colours at my local Benjamin Moore store and had paint mixed in their Aura Exterior Low-Lustre product because of its fast dry time. 2 coats of paint was applied.

Finally, the pegs and strings are added and glued down with hot glue gun.

The finished product weighs 220g (o.49lb)


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