Transformative Thinking Blog Entry #2 – Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

In class last week, we discussed about how the food and drinks we buy create packaging and container waste. I decided to focus on the topic of plastic bags. I have a lot of them and I am not proud of it.

We all know at this point that plastic bags are bad for the environment because they don’t degrade in landfills. There are now biodegradable options available but consumers can’t tell the difference, and replacing bags with ones that degrade faster does not change consumer habits. In fact, according to this article from the Globe and Mail, degradable bags are designed to compost in an industrial composting facility, where the time, temperature and moisture content is maintained and regulated.

Plastic bags are basically indestructible, but perhaps that can be an opportunity to turn the bags into more useful, long-lasting products. I did some research and found some pretty cool ways people have used plastic bags.


Creative Ways to Get Rid of Plastic Bags

Miniature Greenhouse for Household Plants

Use small sticks as posts, cover with plastic bag (like a tent) and you have a mini-greenhouse. This is perfect for protecting seedlings and cuttings, or if you will be away on vacation for a couple of days.


Fused Plastic (plastic bag fabric)

By sandwiching plastic bag between 2 sheets of paper and ironing it, you can fuse all the layers of the plastic bag together. The finished product can be sewn like fabric. I would recommend doing while wearing a respirator and in a well ventilated area.


Plarn (plastic yarn)

That’s right, you can crochet and knit with plastic bags. Learn how to make plarn by clicking here or watching the video below:




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