Human Factors Blog Entry #8 – One Size Fits Some (part 2)

This is a continuation of my previous entry titled One Size Fits Some. With this entry, I want to focus on the topic of phones because I am currently looking to buy a new one.

The problem I have with phones is that they smartphones being produced seem to be getting bigger and bigger, but my hands haven’t changed in size at all. It is becoming harder to find a phone that I can hold and manipulate with one hand and also have all the latest features. It seems like phone sizes are growing despite it becoming less compatible with the human form. Some phones are now so big that there is no way to fully reach all parts of the screen unless you use both hands.

So first, why are phones getting bigger? With a market that has a less-for-more mentality, people want more “bang for their buck”. They are able to get the more benefits for their money if they buy a bigger phone. A bigger screen means it is easier to text, watch movies, and play games on the phone. However, it comes at the sacrifice of physical convenience. The trend seems to be that more people are using their phone for short periods at a time throughout the day, reducing the need for tablets and laptops.



Smartwatches – Smartwatches don’t fully replace phones, but they reduce the need to pull out that gigantic phone from your pocket or bag. Similar to how we now view smartphones are mini computers, we can view the smartwatches as mini phones on our wrists. I am hoping for the smart watch to eventually become and independent product so you can just buy a plan for the watch and not have to carry around a huge phone if you don’t use it.

Finger Extender – Because phones are getting too big for many users, Japanese company Thanko invented a silicone thumb prosthetic that increases thumb length by 1.5cm. Although it looks ridiculous, it is a viable solution. Plus, I think holding a huge phone already looks ridiculous already.

“Don’t settle for a smaller phone, just upgrade to a bigger thumb.”


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